About the Courses

During the course, each group will get four coaching sessions, one from each member of the Maggini Quartet. The remaining playing sessions give you time to prepare your chosen pieces, consolidate what you have been taught during the coaching sessions, or to explore other repertoire. There will be a small amount of music available to borrow during the course although this is mainly for duos, trios, quintets and larger groupings. However, if you wish to try a quartet for which you do not have the music, let us know as we may be able to borrow it for you to use during the course.

You may even wish to have a break from the music to explore Oxford city.

You will need to provide the music you are working on, including a score, and a music stand. There are some scores available to borrow, mainly of the more mainstream quartet reportoire; please let us know beforehand if you require one. Shortly before the start of the course, you will be asked which piece(s) you wish to be coached on. This will allow the Maggini to bring with them anything which they think may be relevant, such as manuscripts or articles, which can enhance the coaching sessions.

On the last day, there will be a short informal concert given by any of the groups on the course who wish to perform. You are not obliged to perform but many participants welcome the opportunity to play one movement of the work they have been coached on to a friendly audience.

The course fee includes an evening concert by the Maggini Quartet. On at least one of the other evenings, one of the Maggini will try to help put together quintets, sextets or other groupings as requested. If there is any specific piece you want to try, please bring the music with you and let the Maggini know so they can try to arrange a suitable group of players.

On one day during each course, Stephanie from Blackwells Music Shop brings along a selection of sheet music, books and other music-related items for sale. If there is anything specific you wish her to bring, please let us know in advance so she has a chance to include it if possible.

The instrument maker, William Castle, often brings along a few of his instruments for course participants to try (and purchase!). He is also very willing to help sort any problems with your own instruments.
Further information about William and his instruments is available on his website:http://www.williamcastle.co.uk

The local bow maker, Tim Baker, may also bring along a selection of bows for trial and purchase. He also is very willing to help with any bow-related problems. You can find out more about Tim on:http://www.bvma.org.uk/showmakerspage.html?Q1=11

The members of the Maggini quartet are very approachable and are willing to discuss any musical issue. You can find out more about them from their website, www.maggini.net.
A selection of their CDs will be available for purchase.